Anonymous whispered:
"Mr. Humphries," came a stern and strict voice from behind. William stood behind the Alan, "I came to ask you if you had your paperwork filled out. I'm attempting to get everything in as soon as possible. The surprise audit is causing havoc in the office."

Alan turned around from the sound of his name. “Mister Spears, my paper work is on your desk,” he gave a weak smile. “So you don’t have to worry about it.”

Alan Humphries

Name: Alan Humphries

Age: 19

Year of death: 1820


Alan lived in England. His mother was American and his father was German. Alan’s father was had Alan speaking German at the age of five. His mother was a doctor, while his father was a teacher. Alan’s relationship with his parents were good, he was close to his mother. Everyone told him he looked like her. His mother, Rose Mary, was know around the office for her cheerful personality and her bright red lipstick

One day Alan’s friends asked if he would like to join them for a hike. He was happy to go along with. His parents told him to be careful and not to do anything stupid.

The boys went higher and higher until they found a good spot to take pictures. Alan wanted to send his parents a picture of him with the sunset behind him. Carefully he walked to the edge of the cliff, making sure he wouldn’t fall. Once he was ready he told his friend to take it, but before he could, the rock underneath him began to crack. Alan could feel the rock starting to slide down, his hand reached up to catch his friends. Before he knew it, he was falling, the ground coming closer and closer with each second.

His back slammed on the ground, smaller rocks followed after him, trapping him in. His vision were blurry, so were the figures on top of the cliff. After a few minutes they heard them call his name, but he couldn’t say anything and then, the figures disappeared. He waited for their return, but no one came.

Alan was now alone in the dark, with howling animals waiting to feed. His spine was injured, but it wasn’t enough to kill him just yet. He had to stay in that passion until he bled to death.


Ronald: Yo. Can I go home early? I’m feelin’ sick.

William: Sick?

William: …….

William: What are you sick with?

Ronald: This place.

William: No. Get back to work.


He is under the table sobbing because he: “Doesn’t live in a taco.” If you ever get him this high again I will stab you!

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Actual conversation between Alan and Ronald meeting for the first time:

Alan: So… You and Eric been friends long?
Ronald: Oh yeah! We go way back!
Alan: Really? When did you guys meet?
Ronald: ‘Bout two hours ago.



By Camellia
(Source: pixiv.net)


By Camellia

(Source: pixiv.net)



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